Providing a High-touch Experience

Results focused marketing and communications strategist with a get it done attitude. Expertise across a wide range of proven solutions and pioneering the latest in social media, AI, ecommerce, analytics, and mobile communications. Often referred to as the “professor” for my instructional and mentoring talents to help colleagues and clients not just implement, but learn how to better adapt new strategies and tools for their goals.

Brand & Audience Alignment

We offer a unique experience where through a series of sessions we explore your problems and issues to provide actionable analysis to improve your situation.   

We find the most frequent issue is a mismatch between your audience and message.  The combinations of text, imagery, layout, and other elements fail to demonstrate your value. We help you by ensuring your audiences immediately understand your brand. This overall connection and association your make with your audience is the reflection of your brand – not your logo. message is the core value of your brand. 

This clear reflection of your brand improves the interaction with your audiences to build respect and a reputation that attracts, coverts and retain customers advocates staff and others.

On Budget, On Time

To best align their brand and audience to drive action, we find that most small businesses do not need to spend a large budget to design, build, and host an online experience. We work with you to create a flow of website, social profiles, and other destinations, materials, and content customized to your needs from the exhaustive wealth of templates adapted to match your brand.  This helps maximize the impact for a budget of any size and reduce timelines.  


Dan offers more than 35 years of marketing and communications experience with B2B and B2C across a number of markets including: telecommunications, health tech, healthcare, financial, pharmaceuticals, supply-chain, real-estate, association, politics. philanthropy and arts & entertainment via agency and in-house experience.